MOB FIT is a small private gym located in Essex, CT.  Our mission is to help our Members get the results they desire. We are passionate about helping our clients get healthy, stronger, avoid injury, reduce or get off of medications, and most importantly be happier and more fulfilled. 

We are experts at helping people get to their ideal body weight with a manner of eating and exercising that they enjoy and can stick with.

  • lose weight
  •  boost confidence 
  •  improve energy levels 
  •  firm/tone up 
  •  look better 
  •  get stronger 
  •  feel better 
  •  rekindle spouse attraction 
  •  set better example/family  
  •  reduce/get off prescriptions 
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We work off a waiting list and give special consideration to referrals from current clients. 

Text Tom @ 860-985-8960
Our Awesome Staff

Karen Senn, Coach

In 2011, I was probably in the most ‘unfit’ stage of my life. As I inched closer to the 200lb mark, I knew I was headed down a dark road if I continued to move up the scale. Not to mention that I hated how I felt and looked. I had been through a few programs and even tried to take the weight off myself; to no avail. I was about to give up but decided to ‘give it one more try’ so I embarked on a weight loss journey and something finally clicked that changed me and my mindset. I realized that reaching my goal wasn’t the finish line; it was actually the starting line. After losing 53lbs and reaching my goal weight, my new life began. I haven’t looked back. 

Then, I started down a fitness track and went from couch to marathon in a pretty short period of time. I discovered MOB Fit for cross-training to help build strength and endurance in tackling not only running but obstacle course races too. I have since run two marathons, numerous races from 5k to Half, a triathlon sprint, competed in the North American OCR Championships and placed 2nd at Festivus Games in 2018. [Note: I was never an athlete…didn’t play sports, didn’t do much exercise except walking, could never run.]

In 2019, I decided to take another leap and become a Certified Personal Trainer. Now…my passion is to help others live a healthy lifestyle. That’s right! If I can do it, anyone can do it. All you have to do is commit mentally and execute physically. What’s really cool? I get to help people right in the gym where it all began for me. I love being part of the MOB Fit family as a member and now as a coach. 

Certifications: NASM-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), NASM-FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist), Level 1 TRX Qualified Trainer

Education: Associates Degree, Business Management – Newbury College (Boston, MA)

Alison Ritrovato, Coach

Alison Ritrovato BS, APRN

Tom Richardell, Owner

What was that line from the Hair Club for Men commercial in the 80's? "Not only am I the president, I am also a client" LOL

I am passionate about solving the massive problem facing our society currently, the out of control obesity/overweigh epidemic and the associated health crisis it is causing.  Only 20 percent of adults exercise and 71 percent are overweight/obese.  Everyday it is my mission to find new strategies and techniques to change these statistics in my little private gym.  I love helping people fall in love with how they look, feel and perform as they find a manner of eating and exercising that they enjoy and can stick with forever.  

I have an Economics degree from Trinity College and I am a graduate of East Lyme High School.

46 Plains Road, Essex, CT

Easy access off of Exit 3 from Route 9.

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