We are a small private gym located in Essex, CT.  Our mission is to help our clients get the results they desire. We are passionate about helping our clients get healthy, stronger, avoid injury, reduce or get off of medications, and most importantly be happier and more fulfilled. 

What is your goal?
  • lose weight
  •  boost confidence 
  •  improve energy levels 
  •  firm/tone up 
  •  look better 
  •  get stronger 
  •  feel better 
  •  rekindle spouse attraction 
  •  set better example/family  
  •  reduce/get off prescriptions 
Want to learn more about our program?

We work off a waiting list and give special consideration to referrals from current clients. 

You may apply at this link. Once you complete the application, you can schedule a time to talk with a member of our staff.  We will not waste your time, we will let you know quickly if we think we can help you reach your goals. 
Our Awesome Staff

46 Plains Road, Essex, CT

Easy access off of Exit 3 from Route 9.

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